KeepOn (running)!

running banner Each year the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, the TUM (Technische Universität München) and the University of Stuttgart do a two week long summer course called “Ferienakademie” (summer academy) in Sarntal, Italy. Over those two weeks students give presentations (usually of technical or scientific nature), build all kinds of prototypes and generally do a fair amount of hiking. When Julia and I attended the Ferienakademie in 2014, we worked on an Android App called nEVERrEST (unfortunately we didn’t get around to publish the app since most time went into discussing and designing the concepts behind in), which tries to motivate people to do sports by letting them work on challenges in groups (think gamification combined with Sports). Example challenges included climbing the Mount Everest (hence the title) by combining the differences in altitude people conquered during their regular climbing exercises. Alone this would take quite a while (8,848 m in total!) but if multiple people work on it together it becomes manageable.

Since we have never stopped believing in the concept behind nEVERrEST and because there really isn’t any application quite like that, we decided to create KeepOn. KeepOn is a small demo which showcases how combining challenges with sports could look like. Since one month just wasn’t enough, especially because July is typically full of exams and university project deadlines, KeepOn is more of a prototype with singleplayer support only at the moment. Nevertheless it supports basic recording of running sessions, attaching those sessions to challenges and tracking the progress of various challenges.

If this has made you curious check out the app on the playstore and take a look at some of the screenshots below. We also love feedback, be it on the app design or on the concept itself, comments are always welcome.

screenshot 1 screenshot 2