Ozapft is

Today is the beginning of the 205th Wiesn, worlds largest folk festival in the beautiful city of Munich.

Lederhosen, pretzels, alcoholic beverages and approximately 6 million visitors.

Wow, 6 million… That’s quite a number! And it seems even larger if you’re trying to find your friends amongst all the others.

One is faced with three major problems when trying to make an appointment at the Oktoberfest.

  1. It’s crowded
  2. It’s loud
  3. How do you accurately describe your current location?

The second problem might be quite a show stopper for phone calls, so the only good alternative are messages. That’s where the third problem kicks in, how do you tell your friends where exactly you’re at?

Facing these three problems we thought that simplicity would be the key to solve these issues.

So we’re proud to present you our latest little tool, which aims to help you with your appointments at the Oktoberfest.

Wiesn FindMe equips you with an overview of the whole Oktoberfest, allowing you to pinpoint the tent you’re in. But not only can you mark the tent you’re in, it’s even possible to go one step further and mark your position inside the tent!

That’s cool, isn’t it?

So don’t wait any longer, buckle up your Lederhosen and enjoy a day at the Wiesn using Wiesn FindMe!