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Happy new year everyone!

Did you go to a new year’s party where people were playing Werewolf (also known as Mafia)? Awesome! Did somebody remember to bring cards? No?! We’ll, there is an app for that ;)

Our app for December is a simple set of cards for Werewolf. Nothing fancy, we are not trying to replace the game manager or trying to tell you how you should play the game. The app is simply there to help you with assigning each player a role without the need for pen and paper.

How does it work? Simply configure the number of players, how roles should be distributed across those players (e.g. 3 werewolves, 5 villagers, etc.), and pass your device from player to player. Each player can then tap the screen to see the role before passing it to the next player.

Great, so where can you download it from? Google Playstore of course ;) Or check out the project on GitHub.

Enjoy! :)