MrHyde Website

While searching for a new app idea for June (which turns out to be a lot harder than we thought), we spent some time building a website for MrHyde.

Check it out

The site is built using Bootstrap and hosted on GitHub. I have personally never built a website before, but looking at the final result it might be time to give our regular webpage a new look. Bootstrap just makes it too easy to build awesome stuff quickly.

MrHyde 0.2.0 released

Today we are happy to announce the release of MrHyde 0.2.0, now with image support!

Previously MrHyde was all about text, and text only. While downloading images from a repo wasn’t a problem, you could only view and edit the raw bytes, which is … well, not so awesome. While image support is still very basic, it allows you do add new pictures to repositories (and then include those in posts …) and preview the result like you normally do.

Okay, great, what else?

Images were the primary focus of this release, but a number of other features also managed to sneak in. They are:

  • Undo / redo operations in the editor
  • Optional line numbers in the editor
  • Better looking preview server error pages
  • Files in repos can be renamed

Nice, what’s next?

That depends. At the moment MrHyde is really just a GitHub client with this cool Jekyll preview function, but does not really know anything about Markdown, posts or Jekyll in general. Ideally we want to offer a UI that is very specific to Jekyll, which for example shows the users posts / drafts at one glance or supports common Markdown formatting tasks, instead of forcing users to manually go through the file structure each time. We’ll definitely keep the file browser around as a backup because we don’t want to limit the edit capabilities of MrHyde, but it’s going to be behind a layer of Jekyll specific views.

But at the same time we are also open for suggestions. So if there is a feature that you would be dying to get your hands on, let us know!

Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde

If you can read this you’re seeing the result of our latest app. I’m writing this blog post whilst sitting in the back of a car on my way home from a trip to Prague.

We’re using github pages to host our blog, but we’ve always been a bit unhappy with the fact that there is no mobile client for such a setup. So we decided to create a client/server based service which allows one to write blog posts on the go, view previews in a dynamic “scratchpad” and finally publish the new content.

There will be a separate blog post explaining the details of our service as well as it’s setup, so keep your eyes open, it might be online by tomorrow!