The Android challenge is about building and releasing one Android app each month for a whole year starting on the 01.01.2015. The main purpose of limiting development time to just one month is to keep us motivated and coming up and trying new ideas that would have otherwise been discarded.

But isn’t that a lot of work?

Yes, probably. That’s why we are a team of students working on this together rather than each following our own projects. True, there will be months where we will have less time to work on the app and have to focus on other things. However as we are not placing any restrictions on how large an app must be, we can always adjust the app’s scope on how much time we have.

Any rules?

Sort of. The number one rule is having fun, after all that’s why we are doing this :)

Other than that there are some general guidelines on what we want to accomplish:

  1. Release one Android app at the end of each month
  2. The release deadline can optionally extended by 48 hours (to get those last minute bugs out of there)
  3. Each month should ideally produce a new app. However, if we feel that one app has really taken of, adding additional features to it is also fine.

Where can I find the apps?

All apps are available on the Google Playstore and on GitHub. Happy hacking!